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Whether you’re looking for a woman to collaborate on a project, a crafter, a woman expert for your event, or a women-owned business that stocks a specific product, we’re here for you!


Our Vision

Our vision is to create the world’s leading platform for female talent.

We want to ensure that you can always find the perfect woman for every job.

Our goal is to promote the careers of women worldwide and make the business world more diverse and inclusive.

We believe that women have tremendous potential and that it is our responsibility to foster their talents and support them in realizing their dreams.

Through our platform, we aim to connect women and create a community that inspires, supports, and empowers each other.

We want to give women the opportunity to advance their careers, unleash their full potential, and fulfill their dreams.

Be a part of our vision and help us create a world where women can succeed and fully utilize their talents.

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Dr. Aderonke Babajide
Wiedner Hauptstraße 108
1050 Vienna/Austria

Phone: +43 681 815 970 75

Email: office [at] thequeenbeehive.net

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